“SAHAS” Strengthening capacity of earthquake affected families with children to Attain a resilient Society, is a project started at July 2017 in Gorkha district in former two VDCs namely Tanglichok and Bhumlichok. Both are occupied with more number of indigenous and marginalized communities like chepang. Economically the entire populations are poor with main occupation of the villagers is agriculture and livestock farming. It is highly potential area for commercial vegetable production. There is no access of road in rainy season. Due to lack of bridge over Ttrisuli river farmer carried their vegetable on basket and turn up to Fishing (nearest landmark).  No wonder youth are swamped away abroad for employment.

With this scenario UN Nepal Gorkha has started SAHAS project which is an integrated project to support earthquake affected population of above said communities. It has expected four major outputs they are; Output 1: Community infrastructures damaged from disaster are reconstructed, Output 2: Vulnerable households are supported with immediate livelihood needs, Output 3: Household health, nutritional behavior and sanitation practices of women and children is improved and Output 4: Capacity of community people especially women and children improved to prepare for and respond in disasters. There are several activities under the project that support to achieve the goal some of them have been completed they are as follows.

  • Small scale mitigation structures in Disaster prone areas and schools
  • Construction of community infrastructure
  • Agriculture Farmer groups formation/ reformation (6 group each partner)
  • Training on Commercial Vegetable production (2 training each partner)
  • Composite package of vegetable seeds
  • Fruits saplings (5 saplings each HH) including transportation
  • leadership training to the selected members of the groups and cooperative/ management training (role and responsibilities, meeting minting, office management) to the selected members of cooperative
  • Book keeping training to the cooperative members (which support on saving and credit practice)
  • Farmers linkages with market and agro vet
  • Support of Biogas (Grant support)
  • Support of Improved Cook Stoves (ICS)
  • Support of Solar light
  • Re/ formation of Child Club
  • Re/formation of mother group
  • Promotion of tunnel house
  • Information diary
  • Supports sports/ extracurricular materials to the schools (footballs, skipping, globes, maps, charts with the pictures of various animals and birds, national figures, nutritious diets, do and don’t of hygiene behavior etc)
  • Sharing and coordination meeting