We have been doing our best for the progress and prosperity of ourselves but hardly think of progress and prosperity of others in general. We feel satisfied once our goals and interests are achieved but there is something divine to do, for the sake of others as well, raising from the level of personal interest. The holy aspect, if any, persists, as we serve forth poor and vulnerable people. Getting well guided by the vision of doing for needy, UN- Nepal Gorkha has envisioned the “10 Rupees Campaign” where every individual is requested to donate at least 10 rupees and can donate its times spontaneously. The amount collected will be utilized for the overall development of a Resource Centre, to provide an easy platform of gathering and conduction of miscellaneous orientations, seminars and training as well for the real needy people who are from poor, vulnerable and marginalized community. The objectives of the campaign is to develop a resource center where the organizations will organize and facilitate the orientations, seminars, meetings, trainings and various capacity development events which eventually will help to enhance the livelihood opportunities of the trainees and participants. As the campaign goes ahead, every citizen will donate NRs 10 with the motto of “we can donate” for this welfare work. Having collected a huge purse out of this campaign, UN- Nepal will utilize the collection for the construction of a well-equipped resource center giving wider geographical coverage, ensuring from east to west and south to north as well. Hence, we humbly request you to donate at least NRs 10.