About UN Nepal

Unification Nepal Gorkha (UN-Nepal), registered in the District Administration Office (DAO) Gorkha and Social Welfare Council (SWC) in the year 2009, is a non-profit making organization formed by a team of youth NGO professionals for sustainable development across the country. UN-Nepal was formed by a group of youths professionals hailing from various disciplines willing to integrate research with social action for sustainable development towards enduring  peace and prosperity. Its persistent endeavors have gone  action oriented  ensuring  spontaneous participation  of poor, the disadvantaged and the oppressed communities. It  believes on just and equitable world through  the committed stake  of  disadvantaged  people, especially  women  and  oppressed  where they all would have a chance  to mould   their  destinies .


Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives (VMGO)

UN Nepal Gorkha has envisioned “Peace and prosperous Nepal” and has a mission of “Socio, economic and holistic development by youths”. UN Nepal has three major goals to achieve its vision and mission such as Informing, involving and empowering youth and thus enhance their capability to lead the nation, coordination and collaboration with like-minded organizations and local capacity building. It has diverse objectives which are given below

  • To bring youths in mainstream developmental process through their empowerment and to minimize brain-drain problem.
  • To provide safety-nets to conflict/disaster affected people and thus try to heal their problems.
  • To give valuable effort to the social aspect of development such as health, education and operation of micro level hardware project.
  • To raise awareness programmes about HIV/AIDS, STDs, RH, girls trafficking and other contemporary health issues.
  • To provide educational support to orphans, helpless and vulnerable children, and secure their rights.
  • To establish a library/resource center for basic knowledge and produce resource materials, booklets and magazines.
  • To provide open platform for discussions and interactions about contemporary issues for social progress and harmony.
  • To conduct health, agriculture, environment, climate change and disaster related program for sustainable development.
  • To help address  and fix WASH, child protection and other   burning  issues of minorities in the district


Currently it has been working with Oxfam, DCA, CWW, Habitat for Humanity Nepal, and other various I/NGOs in Nepal. The organization has its 1.8 million UDS annual turnover and more than 70+ staffs are in the field.



The organization has 42 General Members who are the supreme body of the organization. General Assembly elects the executive committee for every three years which is the governing body of the organization. With coordination and direction from Executive committee, Executive Director works as a head of the organization for day to day activities. Executive committee meeting  is held at least once in every three months. The following are the organogram of the organization. The designated staff has arranged from specific project. Almost all  the project  is led by the Project Coordinator with close supervision of ED and Program manager.

Policies formulated by UN Nepal

  1. Organization Statutory (Bidhan)
  2. Strategic Plan
  3. Finance policy
  4. Administration policy
  5. Compliance Guideline
  6. Human Resource Management & Employment Policy
  7. Information and Communication Policy
  8. Code of Conduct
  9. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy
  10. Anti-Corruption Policy
  11. Child Protection Policy
  12. Contingency Plan
  13. Common cost sharing guideline- 2018
  14. Conflict of Interest Policy- 2018
  15. Consultant/ trainer/ volunteer’s rate list policy 2018
  16. Utilization of organization resources Guideline
  17. Staff Retention Policy
  18. Anti workplace Harassment policy
  19. Staffs per diem claim Guideline
  20. Fundraising Guideline
  21. Standard Operating Procedures (SoP)


Networking and collaboration:

UN Nepal Gorkha is a member of NGO Federation Nepal, Youth NGO Federation Nepal and Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON). We are also associated with other many issues based informal alliance such as Joint Initiatives for Peace (JIP), Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction forum (CMDRR forum), and Shahakarya Shantiko Network.