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Completed Projects

Major Completed Project of UN Nepal Gorkha (2009-2019)


SN Name of the project Sector of work Duration of the proj Project location

(district, VDC)

Supported by

(Funding org.)

1 Community WASH Recovery WASH November 2017- May2018 4 Municipalities namely Siranchowk, Sahid Lakhan and Palungtar


2 Local Youth Leadership Youth Capacity August 2018- February 2019 Gorkha Municipality
3 Purmina Project DWS construction and renovation, plumber training, WSP training, water governance December 2018 October 2020 Ajirkot, Barpak Sulikot, Chum Nubri RM
4 WASH Construction of toilets, DWS Scheme, Hygiene promotion activities December 2015 to November 2016 Palungtar Municipality, Kerabari and Hansapur
5 School Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project Construction of school building, community building, preparation of DRR mitigation plan, WASH recovery October 2016 to September June 2018) Ghyalchok






Shelter Model house construction, Resource Center construction, mason training, HHs orientation, March 2016 to May 2019 11 VDCs
7 Disaster Risk Reduction First aid training, search and rescue training, preparation of LDRMP August 2016 December 2017 6 VDcs




Nepal Earthquake response program, WASH, Shelter, Livelihood, DRR and GESI June 2016 to March 2018 Chhekampar, Ghyachowk, Simjung and Tamalabot
9 Health Construction and running of ‘Women, Adolescent an Young Children Spaces, House to house counseling, NFI distribution, Training of health workers, FCHVs and community volunteers, Awareness activities on National Health days. Support the handover of reconstructed health posts and medical equipment to DHO December 2015 February 2017 Palungtar Municipality, Kerabari
10 WASH Construction of toilet 1192, renovation of DWS 21, hygiene promotion training June 2015 – November 2015 Palungtar Municipality
11 Action together against HIV AIDS (ATTENTION) project Street Drama, HIV/AIDS related training, 2009-2010 Swanra, Sourpani and Thumi
12 Research on ICPD and WPAY (specially health, women and youth issues) Compilation of health related program, youth and women related program
13 SWASH SWASH project May 2015- July 2015 Taple, Bungkot, Namjung
14 LGCDP Strengthening CAC, WCF and local people 2018- 2018 Siranchowk RM Siranchwok Rural Municipality, Gorkha
15 Strengthening the lives and livelihood of Northern Gorkha through foot trail construction and beyond -Foot trail construction of three project sites such as Nyak to Pewa, rakruk to Serang and Dhumjung to lake

-Home stay management training

-Coordination and networking

March 2015

to August 2015

16 Climate change adaptation and climate smart agriculture practice in Nepal -Beekeeping training and provide behaves to 300 HHs November 2014

to October 2015

17 Strengthening Social Accountability in Gorkha -Budget Literacy

Public Procurement Monitoring

-Gender and Pro poor budget analysis

-Social Audit

-Right to information etc

July 2013


Bakrang, Mankamana, Taklung, Ghairung, Phujel, Mankamana, Tanglichowk, Bhumlichowk, Darbung and Ghyalchowk
18 Poverty Alleviation  project -Social mobilization

Infrastructure development

-Capacity building and

-Income generation

May 2015 April Sourpani, Swara, Taku and Arupokhari
19 Local Governance and Community Development Program Social mobilization tanning, Organize and management of training, Support Livelihood Improvement Plan (LIP), Support CAC operation

Information Dissemination

April 2015 June 2017 Lapu, Manbu, kerabari, Thalajung, harmi, Chhoprak, Khoplang,  Deurali, Shreenathkot and Gankhu District Development Committee, Gorkha
20 Food Security Project -Providing Foodstuff to all entire HHs that includes 828. Foodstuff such as From May 2015 Swanra VDC
21 Shelter distribution project -Provided the shelter to about 3269 HHS in Taple, Bungkot, Namjung, Mankamana, and Bakrang VDCs April 2015- October 2015 Taple, Bungkot, Namjung, Mankamana, and Bakrang VDCs
22 Local Youth partnership program Youth capacity building training April 2009 to June 2013 Sourpani, Swanra, Aruchanaute, Gorkha municipality District Development Committee, Gorkha
23 Youth Partnership Program Peace building training, street drama, oratory contest April 2009 to June 2012 Manbu, Thumi, Aruarbang, Ghairung, Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS)
24 ICPD and WPAY Program Research on women, youth and health program From 2010-2011 Gorkha district
25 REDD+ Capacity Building Training Regional level training on REDD+ From: February 2014 to June 2014 Gorkha
26 Skill for Employment House wiring training and mason training to 40 youths 2009-2010 Sourpani and Ghairung
27 Capacity building and institutional development project Training on gender and capacity building 2011-2012 Manbu, Thumi and Aruarbang
28 School Library program Library support to Sourpani and Lapu VDC 2011-2012 Sourpani and Lapu VDC Ministry of Education/UNSECO
29 Life skill Training to youths Life skill training to youths 2010-2011 Gorkha and various college
30 Public finance management program Budget Literacy, gender and pro-poor budge analysis, social security allowances 2013-2014 Ghairung and Tanglichowk
31 Climate change mitigation training Climate change adaptation and mitigation training 2010-2011 Aruchanaute  



32 Food Security Program Provided food and other immediate needed materials to Sourpani, Swanra, Lapu, Gumda, Kasiganu and other upper areas of Gorkha April 2015-May 2015 Sourpani, Swanra, Lapu, Gumda, Kasiganu and other upper areas of Gorkha
33 Rapid WASH Recovery project Construction of DWS, capacity building of Users committee November 2016 to December 2017 Dharche, Shahid Lakhan, Siranchowk RM
34 Hope project Psycho-social counseling training to EQ affected people in Gorkha October 2015- December 2016 Ajirkot, Barpak Sulikot and Dharche RM
35 Shelter Support to highly EQ affected communities of Gorkha Shelter materials support, cash for work, trail construction, June 2016 to feb 2017 Barpak Sulikot and Dharche RM, Gorkha