Mohan Lal Pokharel ,80 , from Sulikot-5,Thale has set an example for the locals that old age does not matter if there is a dedication and effort for the achievement. With the purse of NRs.14, 000.00 received from Unification/Oxfam under strengthening SMME support, he managed to have two mother-goats .They gave birth two male-kids. He has just sold one he-goat and received Nrs. 10,000.00

He has got further planning to rear the goats with higher breed and better shed management. Both the mother goats are now pregnant and he has been caring them very well. He has already been paid back of the investment made over goat buying and remaining all appears as his net profit. Seemingly much excited and expectant towards the investment made for good causes, Mr. Pokhran recalls the days that he had been opposed by some villagers for his old age, as cash support was declared to offer him under the program. He even offers thanks to those opponents as such protest came as his energizer and now he has been able to generate good income out of goat rearing.

“I have a plan to make good saving and manage a comfortable shed to accommodate up to 10 goats. The support offered by Unification came as a good –luck to me.Find others who really deserve such support to initiate and encourage them for livestock promotion. Make sure such support goes for the really needy ones rather to cheaters.Thanks a lot to the organization. I do not need cash support now but some technical help, if possible” Mr. Pokhran shares all in a single breath