AC5 project is a combination of different sectors such as Health and rehabilitation, Social Protection, Inclusive Education and Inclusive Livelihood. The project has started with expected outcome of Enhanced access of persons with disabilities to social protection services through an inclusive and holistic approach.

At the end of 2019, we have achieved many activities as planned for 2019. The organization has completed data collection of people living with disability in targeted project areas.  There were 633 disable people found in Gorkha Municipality which includes 56 disable people who have not received the disability identity card yet. Similarly, UN Nepal has completed 2 days Inclusive Education (IE) training to the head teachers and SMCs. We have oriented inclusive education, accessibility, disability issues and challenges etc during training. There were 25 participants participated in the training. Similarly, as per their request during IE training, UN Nepal Gorkha has supported them to interact with Municipality about the issues of disable students who are currently studying in respective schools. There were 19 participants participated the program. Further, UN Nepal supported the education materials for 5 disable students in the month of July 2019. The materials were supported as per their demand. Similarly, UN Nepal has completed the SMC/PTA orientation in four schools namely Mahendra Jyoti Secondary, Balmandir Secondary, Manakamana Bahira Aabasiya Secondary and Saraswoti Secondary School. There were 124 participants participated the orientation and completed the meeting with PTA, SMC and teachers including these four, others four schools such as Bindhyabasini Secondary, Shakti secondary, Ratnalaxmi Secondary and Ratnarajya Secondary School were also benefitted through this activities. Similarly in the Inclusive livelihood sector, UN Nepal has supported for livelihood support to 10 families which includes 7 disable women and 3 parents of disable children. As per the recommendation of ward, Municipality and our PSS form, we have supported them.

Similarly, UN Nepal has completed one day interaction meeting with the livelihood service providers to link them for our beneficiaries. There were 27 participants participated in the meeting and committed all of stakeholders to support disable people. We have completed 4 events of blue box training and orientation to FCHVs and Mother’s group. There were 104 FCHVs and member of mother’s group participated in the training and orientation. Similarly, UN Nepal has completed the ramp construction in Mahendra Jyoti Secondary School and Paslang Urban Health Clinic which was constructed as recommended by Municipality.

Radio jingle was also broadcasted in the year of 2019 through Radio Gorkha which contained the process and necessary documents for disability card receive. It was broadcasted for two months. There were 3 coordination meeting completed among different stakeholders. 2 meeting were completed with municipality and 1 was completed with Mahendra Jyoti secondary School. There was one workshop organized for identifying the issues of people with disability where district level stakeholders including right holders were participated. Through this workshop major 14 issues were identified during workshop.  Similarly, UN Nepal also supported the printer to municipality office of Gorkha Municipality, Gorkha. It helps to municipality for proper disability data management. Moreover UN Nepal Gorkha has completed the MPAC meeting with municipality. In the meeting, UN Nepal Gorkha has shared our project activities, achievements, learning, challenges and future program plan as per project documents and received constructive feedback and suggestion regarding successful implementation of project. On 3rd December 2019, international disability day was celebrated with the collaboration of Gorkha Municipality, NDWA and GBA etc. There were 152 participants participated in the program. Moreover, UN Nepal Gorkha has referred 36 people for different service providers in the year of 2019.

The project has brought following results

  • Identified 56 person PWDs who haven’t card yet- out of them 3 people have already received and rest of them are under process.
  • Gorkha municipality has committed to provide capacity building training to school teachers inline with disability, caretaker and other relevant support as needed.
  • 6 schools are modifying SIP and they have already committed to incorporate the essence of inclusive education in SIP.
  • 6 persons were targeted for referral service whereas UN Nepal Gorkha has provided referral services to 36 persons who have helped them for their wellbeing and able to received their entitlements.
  • 9 PSS support out of 10 are insured.
  • Media has incorporated disability issues in the newspaper.