Bajhe Gaon DWSS covers 44 HHs of Janajati, dominated by Gurung Community from Ajirkot Rural Municipality-4, Simjung. The community had been having a problem of pure drinking water as four community Taps were not sufficient for them all and even intake at the stream itself would most often be damagedby small gullies during the rainy season. They would, however, make a diversion for the gullies and manage the water, by hook or crook, but purity of water was compromised after earthquake and community was compelled to drink dusky water. It was even harder to ask children to fetch water from community taps. After the implementation of Bajhe Gaon Drinking water Supply Scheme with yard connection and child friendly taps, community is happier as their queuing up time for water collection has been reduced, personal hygiene as well sanitation of the surrounding has been easier due to easy and sufficient water access. Women can contribute their more time for the care of the children and household sanitation. “Children themselves have been able to maintain their basic cleanliness due to child friendly taps at our own yard. Even male adults can have a bath immediately after their farm work now but was difficult earlier to take a full bath up to 2 more weeks due to public taps occupied by the women till late evening” shares one of the male Water Users Mr. Tej Bahadur Gurung. “We can now produce winter vegetables easily at our kitchen garden utilizing waste water from the taps at our yard. Thus, we could save our money being expended for buying vegetables and even enjoy fresh vegetables.” affirms Ms. Indra Maya Gurung,a housewife, from the same community. The whole community has endless happiness for having such great facility at their yard access and expresses enormous gratitude towards Unification Nepal and Oxfam for their generous support for the community.