Pashupati Shrestha is a 71 year old single woman who lives in Siranchowk Gaunpaalika 06. She doesn’t have much asset with her and was living a normal life in a temporary shelter. The 2015 major earthquake destroyed her house which was her only asset then. As she says, “Nepal Government gave me Rs 50,000 grant as first tranche for reconstruction of my house but I spent that money on household purpose. Life is really tough when there is a disable son in the house and there is no father. In the meantime, When I heard that I was selected as a beneficiary who will be supported by CARE- Nepal and Unification Nepal for construction of house up to plinth, I was very happy. I immediately started the construction work when cement, rebars and binding wires were supplied by CARE-Nepal to my house. Unification Nepal provided skilled masons and the DPC level of my house was constructed in 5 days. The field staffs of Unification Nepal is now coordinating with government authorities for the process of receiving second tranche of Rs.1,50,000. I have asked for loan from community friends and have already constructed my house up to lintel level. After receiving 2nd tranche, I will pay back the money. I would like to thank CARE Nepal for such a kind support and wish for the betterment of the organization.”