My name is Supini Ghale. I live in Barpak-08, Gorkha. On 21st March 2017, my husband Suk Bahadur Ghale had an unfortunate accident on Rangrung village and was unfortunately dead. I had a baby on womb and a small girl. After his death, I am very hardly somehow able to maintain livehood and be able to feed my kid.

After death of my beloved husband, I gave birth to another girl. Afterwards me and my two daughters migrated to a place nearby Barpak village. We started living in a temporary shelter facing every challenges and solving whatever problems God gave to us.

Today I am 32 years old. My older daughter is 2 now and my youger is just 8 months. In our society, after the death of husband, neither family nor community neighbours supports. Rather, the victim gets hatred and make us feel like we are not the part of the living society. Although I received a grant of Rs 50000 for safe house reconstruction, I spend that money on household expenses and fooding for me and my kids. Later, I was unable to build permanent shelter and on top of that there was a tremendous pressure of building the house soon or else government won’t provide other tranche of Rs 250000. Neither I had money nor human support. There was no chance of building the house.When Unification Nepal in partnership with CARE-Nepal came to Barpak with the motive of supporting the ultra-poor, disable, oldage, single,etc., I got the information from Ward office. Staffs from UN Nepal came to my house for survey and thankfully I was selected as a beneficiary.

As an old saying,”While searching for stone, I found God.” Unification Nepal supported non local materials and labor support for construction of household up to DPC level. I also somehow managed some non-local materials and after materials support from CARE, I completed the construction of household upto plinth band. Then, engineer from NRA visited my house and requested for 2nd tranche. After being assured that I will surely receive an amount of Rs 1, 50,000 in 2nd tranche, I took loan from Bouddha Co-operative organization,Barpak. I was managing all the expenses incurred in construction such as local materials, non-local materials, labour cost and other miscellaneous cost from the loan.

Later with the time being, from the effort of UN Nepal, the amount of 2nd tranche was deposited in my account. I immediately withdraw the money and paid some amount to cooperative and some to vendors and labours. I continued the construction and now I have completed my house as well. NRA engineer has already approved my house for being eligible to receive 3rd tranche. After receiving that money I will be able to pay everyone who were involved in construction including vendors. I will also be able to pay remaining money of co-operatve.

Looking back to the past, there was pressure from Nepal Government to complete DPC level within 3 months. But if it was only me, it would never have been possible. Having no husband and carrying two small childrens and at the same time getting no support from elder relatives was very hard to accept. But UN Nepal/CARE- Nepal supported and assisted me till the completion of my house. Hence I would like to thank Unification Nepal, CARE-Nepal, Ward office and most importantly the staffs of Unification Nepal and I will never forget the favour. Thank you all.