Happiness magnifies with CSEB at Ghyachchok!


Having received long awaited CompressedStabilizedEarthenBlock (CSEB) machine at their home village,   there is no boundary of happiness of local people at Ajirkot-1, Ghaychchok. As per collaborative program of UN-Nepal and Oxfam under Housing sector, the machine was provided to Narad Pokhari krishak Samuha.

The CSEB technology  was  introduced  in Nepal after the  devastating  earthquake of 2015 which  helped emerge the  massive needs of construction materials and eventually such production  helps  reduce  the pressure on    customary stone and bricks.

The machine has been installed in thelocal groundof Ghyachchokhas alreadygone functional and started   production at constantlygrowing scale. Localyouths, earlierroaming here and there aimlessly, are now found busy on amassing andscreening   sand and soil for the CSEB production and watering on produced CSEB the next day.

“The buildings and structure are almost damaged, stones have gone scarce and bricks from market are expensive. We can get such brick at NRs. 60.00 per unit which is much more affordable and easier for us” share locals joyously.

Cooperativereceives NRs.30.00 on its account with single selling of brick and   collection of fund has gone increasing .Stones have gone scarce and seems costlier and time consuming even available hook or crook.

The construction goes much faster   by CSEB than that of stone masonry. Using CSEB does not need plastering and thus     reduces expenses.

Committee  has got its further plan to go into massive production  so as  to collect good amount by providing  stronger  and cheaper  production materials at their local point and to manage  fund to avail  another machine  in  a long run.  Locals are found so excited that they are getting ready to construct a house even with a single room.

“Currently, four types of bricks   are on production but could be produced the bricks of 17 more categories if purchased requiredplates’’ explains Er. RajuShyama ,Training Facilitatorfrom Build Up.

Following the  invitation from Oxfam and UN-Nepal, Training was attended   by  Employees from  NRA, Gorkha , Coordinator and Assistant from  HRRP, Gorkha , Chairperson  from Ajirkot  Rural Municipality and  ward  representatives  and other distinguished  personalities   from  locals and around.

“UN-Nepal and Oxfam deserve heartfelt appreciation for such support with excitement. We are even desirous of having support and assistance with long term significance and productive result” puts Chairperson of   CSEB   production group blissfully.