Gandaki Rural Municipality ward number 6, Bhumlichok lies on the southern part of Gorkha District. From this place Durwang and Phujel are in the east, Tanglichowk in the north, Chitwan in the west and Ghyalchowk lies in the south. Even though, this place was besides the east-west highway, due to the difficult topography the face of this place has not changed. Among this, because of the earthquake of 2015 the condition of the people had even worsened. Mainly, danger prone settlement and economically deprived Chepangs and people having weak economic source were becoming even more pitiful. Thus, the people within this community were looking for support. As, all the buildings were destroyed by the earthquake, the villagers even did not have the roof to rest their worries. So, the situation of the rest of public buildings was out of question.

Between this, with the economic support of Denmark Insambling and DCA’s cooperation, the Rural Municipality, along with Unification Nepal Gorkha in the RM ward number 2 or 6 initiated SAHAS program. The SAHAS program which name was enough in itself, had not only helped the family with weak economic condition, but also had made an effort to built multi-purpose building. As, the female group within the society complained on not having place to organize meetings, in consideration UN Nepal Gorkha called meeting within the community. Through the meeting, the problem of public place was observed. At the end, after local social worker Mr. Lal Singh Gurung had decided to contribute his land for this purpose, UN Nepal Gorkha had made provision for necessary source.

With the recommendation of the ward and the RM, in that place (i.e. Gandaki RM – 6, Aedada, Bhumlichowk) multi-purposed building was built. UN Nepal Gorkha with the investment of Rs 16 lakhs and with the help of voluntary local labor had built a multi purposed building consisting of up-kept toilet with basin to WASH hands. The building even had provision to take baths. The happiness was not only limited to the local women group, but also the neighborhood clinic assistant, who has started providing service from the same building. By providing service from the building having separate toilet and other facilities is not only the reason for happiness but the happiness is also from the comfort the service receivers get while getting the facilities from this building. Before, whenever any meetings had to be organized, the meeting was conducted on the communities Chautara and if it rained it had to be done by within the deck of neighbors’ house. But after the construction of the community’s building all of the meetings are conducted there, including the annual meeting of the Mother’s group, trainings conducted by different organizations, discussion on the developmental programs and other meeting on public awareness subject. “This has not only facilitated the villagers but also help to develop coordination and cooperation.” was stated by Kamana Bika, Head of Mother’s Group. Even with the formation of health unit, in the absence of the health post, the services were provided through own resident. The same health assistant had never thought the situation was going to change.

Not only that, previously, the pregnant women for their regular medical check-up had walk 3 hours to get to the health post. But, now the health assistant Shirjana Lamichanne states that “Due to construction of the community health unit, the crowd of the services recipients has been increasing.” The health records also prove so. “So, this multi-purposed building has not been a facilitated building but also has been able to connect the feelings of the villagers”, states Chandra Devkota, program manager of UN Nepal, Gorkha. With the rent collected from the different programs conducted within the building including the trainings, meetings, public functions (like marriage, etc) and the investment by the Mother’s society, the repair and maintenance of the building is being made.