Saanu Kaanchi Gurung is a 85 year old single women in Gumda, Gorkha. Her parents and husband are dead by accident 15 years back and she doesn’t have any childrens. She was staying on a temporary shelter and had lots of trouble especially in extreme monsoon and cold. She had been able to live by doing farming and is just able to fulfill the most basic requirements of life. After the 2015 major earthquake, her stone masonry house was damaged because it was not provided with earthquake resistant elements such as reinforcements and bands. After NRA verified her house as beneficiary of support to reconstruction, she received first tranche of Rs 50000. But the money was spent on personal expenses such as fooding and medicine. Her situation had already killed her independence. After CARE-Nepal and Unification Nepal selected her as a beneficiary for construction support up to plinth, she was extremely happy. She then developed a desire and motivation that if she puts a little effort, she then could stay in earthquake resistant house for rest of her life. As she was single, she decided to build a single room house. UN Nepal Staff Dharti Ghale assisted her in construction of house as if a son would support his family. She then slowly started to collect local materials such as stone, aggregate, sand, etc. from neighbors in loan. She was able to recover herself and consulted her neighbours that she would repay the money immediately after receiving the second tranche. Non local materials such as cement and rebars was managed by Dharti Ghale with local suppliers in loan as suppliers trust him. After regular motivation, nothing stopped her from completing the work. The picture below is her one room SMM house which complies with National Building Code. As per her, she is incredibly happy with Unification Nepal for doing such a godly thing. She had never dreamed of being able to sleep in earthquake resistant permanent house. Now, she does farming just so that she gets enough food to live.